Philosopher Turned Photographer Tuam Zino

Capturing the human perception is a New fascinating concept: The Photographer Tuam Zino has made this the very essence of her works. As a & Full-Time philosopher with a BA from the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Tuam acts in the contrary to her philosophical thinking in her photographies by giving her intentionality an unspoken space. Picking her motives solely on the intuition of her awareness in each moment, she tries to demand of reality only what she is wholesale jerseys willing to disclose.

Her photographies stand mainly in the name of Ludwig Wittgenstein, one of her preferred philosophers, who wrote: “The unspoken (that, which cheap MLB jerseys seems Google著作権侵害対策アップデート secretive to me and I am not able to articulate) may grant a background on which what I wholesale jerseys am able to articulate has meaning.” In her photographies cheap jerseys Tuam tries to capture these non-articulable backgrounds.

As of now, Tuam is living and working between Sicily and Berlin. After two Degrees in Fashion Design and Philosophy she is now concentrating on her creative works. We are glad to share Tuams analogue photographs with you in our shop and hope to be sharing more and more of them to come – check them out and be as inspired as we are Update, by her works.